If you have outstanding debts from overdue invoices, rent arrears, bounced cheques or any other trading debts, we can help.

Debt mediation

Tired of promised repayment?

Requiring advice on legal positions?

Need a helping hand to ensure you are paid?

What we can help with

  • Mediation
  • Business debt collection
  • Consumer debt collection
  • Personal debt collection
  • Credit control
  • Credit checking
  • Legal support

Did you know?

There was over £1.5bn of judgments for outstanding debts awarded to UK businesses last year and over £5m per week of insurance claims filed due to non payment of invoices.


AYOM can mediate consumer, commercial and personal debt. Debt is split into one of 2 ‘types’; commercial debt and consumer debt. Commercial debt is money owed between businesses whereas consumer debt is money owed by an individual or ‘consumer’. Both require different tactics and skills to resolve.

AYOM has a diverse team specialising in both debt types with experience handling all types of debtors. Each debt will contain a different set of circumstances, the relationship between parties, the amount, the nature of the debt and other factors. This requires our team to take an outside stance and ensure you are represented from a strong legal position. We aim to ensure your debtors know why the debt exists, how much it is for and what the consequences are of continued non payment.


AYOM is able to mediate debt efficiently. We have a track record of helping clients from sole traders lacking time and resources to SMEs looking to outsource their credit control procedures. We are also able to assist larger national and multinational organisations, having conducted debt collection for banks, credit providers, not for profit entities and national agencies.

Proven strategies, undertaken by experienced collectors and supported by an expert legal team have ensured UK businesses are experiencing better cash flow. With high collection rates and great customer service, AYOM wants to be a partnership you can be proud of.

We dedicate each customer a case handler and service representative. Your case handler will formulate a collection strategy to work best for you. We have all the necessary tools to track and monitor the financial status of a person or a business. This will give us the best chance to secure either full payment or a payment plan as soon as possible.

We not only recover debts but provide a suite of services to give you the freedom to chase debts yourself. Services include process serving, tracing, credit checking and legal reviews of cases.

Real time updates via a 24hr client portal
Multi award winning service
On-site legal team to provide experienced, expert support
Industry leading tracing systems.

Why choose AYOM Debt Collectors?

Are You Owed Money sets an industry standard for debt collection and credit control. From winning numerous industry awards to being recognised by industry authorities including the FCA and CSA-UK; we are a partnership you can trust.

Our team comprises of highly experienced individuals with the knowledge to get the results you want. We make the process simple including keeping you updated via your representative and client portal; you can track the progress of your cases at anytime.

With client feedback ensuring we are one of the top companies on Trustpilot for debt collection, alongside countless success stories available to read on our website, AYOM may be the answer to getting your money back today.