If you have outstanding debts from overdue invoices, rent arrears, bounced cheques or any other trading debts, we can help.


Place documents into people's hands

Overcome false names or addresses

Move past delay tactics

Better manage your collection process

What we can help with

  • Serving documents
  • Tracing
  • Credit checks
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Unpaid rent
  • Credit control
  • Legal support

Did you know?

We operate using a network of collectors who can serve documents to individuals across the country.


Debts are classified as either consumer debt (money owed by individuals to businesses) or business debt (business to business transactions). AYOM deals with both types with process serving able to be carried out at both residential and commercial addresses.

Depending on whether the debt is business or consumer debt will affect where and who we can serve papers to, but we will be able to advise you on your legal position and where we can send collectors to serve papers. We can also advise the merits of escalating a debt to the legal process, and whether serving court paperwork is necessary.


AYOM have a track record of finding and mediating with debtors. Even with those initially unwilling to pay. We have a team of experienced collectors backed up by a highly qualified legal team to settle disputes. We are attentive to your situation as every business and every debt will be different.

We dedicate each customer a case handler for this reason. Your case handler will formulate a collection strategy which works best for you. Listening to your situation alongside our experience will raise your chances of full recovery, quicker. They can advise on whether process serving is recommended and what documents to be sent.

Our recovery team can analyse the financial status of a company or individual so we have the most accurate knowledge of whether they can pay. Our team are also extensively experienced in laws surrounding both business and consumer debts.

We offer a full suite of services covering all aspects of debt collection.

Real time updates via a 24hr client portal
Multi award winning service
On-site legal team to provide experienced, expert support
Industry leading tracing systems.

Why choose AYOM Debt Collectors?

Are You Owed Money have a professional, experienced team offering expert advice about collecting your debts. The combination of an experienced collections team, legal support, case handlers and a proven collection strategy brings together a service you can rely on, all this alongside a superior client portal which allows you to track your case from beginning to end.

The client portal lets you see how and when we've contacted your debtors as well as what we have recovered. Using a simple login you can access your case anywhere in the world both in and outside of office hours.