If you have outstanding debts from overdue invoices, rent arrears, bounced cheques or any other trading debts, we can help.


Get up to date information on individuals and businesses

Run single or multiple traces regularly to keep data reliable

Escalate traces to process serving with our range of packages

What we can help with

  • Save time compiling and running traces
  • Save resources for business critical work
  • Access industry leading tracing systems
  • Easy escalation to serving documents

Did you know?

AYOM regularly assesses our data quality through our partners to ensure we have the highest possible percentages of high quality data.


Tracing is the process of updating records on either a person or a business. This is done to ensure any correspondence regarding a debt is being sent to the right place. If a debt stretches on, there is a risk that contact details may become outdated. Addresses, phone numbers and emails may all change, making it harder to make contact about a debt.

Running a trace with AYOM gives you the opportunity to scour every available location where data is stored. With this we can then provide you with the right information needed to recover your money.

How can a debt recovery agency help you?

A debt recovery agency provides the ability to carry out all aspects of the debt collection process. With tracing in particular, we have the systems in place to very quickly find all available information on a person or business.

We also have the facilities to do traces, credit checks and searches at regular intervals for an unlimited amount of debtors. Should the debt continue to provide difficult to collect, we can also step in and assist with the collection process, carrying out collections, serving documents and escalating to enforcement if necessary.

Multi award winning service
Run regular, scheduled traces
Up to date, complete information
Escalate and send legal letters

Why choose AYOM Debt Collectors?

AYOM is FCA licenced and a member of the CSA. We partner with some of the biggest industry bodies to deliver an exceptional service experience you can rely on, from tracing through to collection services.

Join our extensive network of clients alongside some of the biggest UK companies including banks, not for profit entities and consumer credit organisations.