If you have outstanding debts from overdue invoices, rent arrears, bounced cheques or any other trading debts, we can help.

Commercial Debt Collection

Get help escalating a debt to the courts

Attain faster recovery with court documentation

Instruct high court bailiffs for end solutions

What we can help with

  • Save time dealing with solicitors
  • Client portal available to track progress
  • Take the emotion and stress away
  • Easy escalation options available
  • Assistance drafting court documents
  • Official backing from a court of law
  • Access to our team to help prepare for court
  • Save resources chasing the debt yourself

Did you know?

Last year over £1.5bn in CCJs were issued by courts for enforcement. AYOM was able to recover over £1 million towards UK companies as a result.

What is debt enforcement?

At a base level, debt enforcement is the strategy we use to recover your debt. This does not require escalation to the court as we have existing strategies with proven success to recover debts. We do however have the ability to assist with escalating difficult debts to court.

Options for further escalation are obtaining a County Court Judgement (CCJ), putting pressure on your debtor as failing to pay a CCJ will affect their future credit. We can also escalate to a HCJ (High Court Judgement) which does give High Court enforcement officers the ability to enter property to retrieve payment or goods if necessary. This is the very final stage for the most extreme circumstances.

How can a debt collection agency help you?

Debt recovery agencies help you by taking the stress away from dealing with a difficult situation. We afford you the time to spend your efforts generating new business instead of chasing payments which should already have been made.

Escalating to enforcement through a debt recovery agency saves you a number of fees dealing with Solicitors and provides you with a case handler to assist with filling in court paperwork and preparing you for court if required. We also have access to high court enforcement agents should a debt reach that stage.

Multi award winning service
On site legal team to aid escalation
24 hour client portal for instant updates
Proven, tested debt recovery strategies

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Are You Owed Money Ltd has grown since our humble beginning in 2014 to become a multi award winning service. We have clients ranging from sole traders and SMEs through to some of the biggest companies in the UK. From banks to not for profit entities, consumer credit organisations to legal service providers, AYOM's network of customers makes us the number one choice for debt collection.