If you have outstanding debts from overdue invoices, rent arrears, bounced cheques or any other trading debts, we can help.

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Considering acquiring a county court Judgment?

Seeking a legal opinion on the merits of your debt?

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What we can help with

  • Assessing the need for a CCJ or HCJ
  • Enforcing Judgments
  • Consumer debt collection
  • Business debt collection
  • Assessing the merits of your case
  • Assisting with court paperwork
  • Preparing you for court hearings

Did you know?

In 2018, over £1.5bn of CCJs were awarded for outstanding debts to UK businesses. This resulted in over £5m per week of insurance claims due to non-payments.


Both debts and enforcement fall into two main categories. Debts are either consumer debt (against individuals) or business debts (against businesses). Enforcement levels likewise are split between the county court and the High Court. Both have different effects on a case and the powers the creditor can wield after obtaining.

County court Judgments place time limits into effect, acknowledging that you are owed money. Should the debtor not pay within the time, the CCJ is seen as unsatisfied. Having a CCJ against your name can result in being denied credit for car finance, mortgages, rental properties, credit cards, mobile phones and more. High Court Judgments offer a higher level of consequence; they allow the use of High Court bailiffs able to enter and seize property should payment not be arranged. Both methods have merits that AYOM can advise should you wish to seek these routes.


AYOM conducts debt collection efficiently. We have a track record of helping clients from sole traders lacking time and resources to SMEs looking to outsource their credit control procedures. We also assist large national and international companies, providing debt collection for banks, credit providers, national agencies and not for profit charities.

Proven strategies, undertaken by experienced collectors and supported by an expert legal team have ensured UK businesses are experiencing better cash flow. With high collection rates and great customer service, AYOM wants to be a partnership you can be proud of.

We have expert systems for recovering debt regardless of which legal stage the debt is in. We can provide legal support to assess the merits of obtaining a Judgment as well as assisting with paperwork to prepare for a hearing.

We not only recover debts but provide a suite of services to give you the freedom to chase debts yourself. Services include process serving, tracing, credit checking and legal reviews of cases.

Real time updates via a 24hr client portal
Multi award winning service
On-site legal team to provide experienced, expert support
Industry leading tracing systems.

Why choose AYOM Debt Collectors?

Are You Owed Money sets an industry standard for debt collection and credit control. From winning numerous industry awards to being recognised by industry authorities including the FCA and CSA-UK; we are a partnership you can trust.

Our team comprises of highly experienced individuals with the knowledge to get the results you want. We invest in our team to ensure we provide the best service available. We are accredited with Investors In People, making sure we have the perfect environment to tackle your credit control needs.

Client feedback ensures we are one of the top companies on Trustpilot for debt collection, alongside countless success stories available to read on our website, AYOM is the answer to recovering your unpaid debts.